New Move, New Life, New Stuff

Hello to all thelittleshittyblog followers! Excuse the absence but I have been moving my life to a new spot!

I have left the sheltered and close nit community of the University of Hertfordshire to the birth place of my adulthood in Hemel Hempstead

I have successfully managed to find employment in Next, but more importantly I am also pretty much employed in an events management and graphic company (but not a 100% yet. More on that when it’s confirmed).

And yesterday, with my £10 cash gift from Next, I went and bought myself a can of coke.

Also…a starburst candle, and (exceeding my £10) a Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe for inspiration and a Literature Listography. Finally, I received my textile design from Spoonflower, as well. As you can see it’s the lip design you see in the header image of this blog (which I threw in to try and personalise things – doesn’t fit well).


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