Review Updates

Hello again to thelittleshittyblog followers and visitors.

I just wanted to update you guys on what the next few anime reviews will be on, as I am too excited to keep it to myself.

I will be reviewing:

Punch Line
My Little Monster
MY love STORY!!

As I am so hyped up concerning bringing you these reviews – not only to express what I thought of the shows but to also expose you all to anime you might not have come across yet – that I have already begun writing my second one.


I will not be able to continue work on it for a few days, so I will not be able to update this blog till next week.

So hopefully, this teaser will keep you guys interested.

Please, whilst you’re waiting, check out this blog’s newest and only anime review as of yet, #1 Anime Review: Funny Merman Short (yes, I know brilliant title…) and feel free to look at my other posts on varying topics from fashion to survival gear.

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