Once Upon A Time I Was Unemployed….

Well hi, welcome to thelittleshittyblog – lovely name – where today instead of a passionate display of affection for my zero readers, I will instead go straight into my current crisis.

I’m unemployed. I am a recent animation graduate who hates everything to do with the course that I’ve been spending the last three years of my life struggling over. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the social adventure of university – that was a blast – but I have come to the point where I am now having to deal with the fact that I don’t even want to touch my area of specialty with a laser pointer never mind a barge pole.

Since I haven’t taken a more generalised degree such as English, I am stuck with experience using software that isn’t easily transferable into other areas. Also, I am surely not the only one who is searching through lists and lists of jobs, looking at the titles and thinking WHAT THE FUCK DOES A MIDDLEWEIGHT DESIGNER MEAN? You know I’m sure that’s part of the sifting process “let’s make sure no one bar those with a degree in graphics know what we’re advertising for”. I mean great and all for you, but for us wanderers who have no clue what we want to do and are struggling to find something we will at least initially enjoy the idea of before possibly hating the job, we get no help. I’m artistic and do have experience with a lot of transferable programmes to the graphics field, but when I look at what they’re looking for its just not enough.

I don’t know what finding a job was like before I was born, but it seems with fewer people going to university, it would have been a lot easier. Now jobs want you to pull 2 years of experience out of your bum even though they know the only experience you’ll be getting is restaurant work as everyone else thinks you’re underqualified.

I have definitely hit the depression stage of being a post-graduate – if you couldn’t tell – and I keep reading facebook post after facebook post on all the jobs people have applied for. What the hell are they searching up because I’m clueless!

So here I am, a 21-year-old recent grad who is desperate to find that something to give her an aim and some purpose for now. I haven’t felt secure in what I want for a while and I just want that back. But I guess I always have the hope that this littleshittyblog will hit it big and fund me for a while till I find that thing I want to do.

So welcome! Please do come back!



  1. Ruki · August 18, 2015

    Cheer up. I’m sort of in the same spot and I know how it feels. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to even work on my final project so I didn’t actually graduate along with my group. I made the fucked up decision of studying foreign languages as an interpreter/translator for English and German and I must confess that I can barely hold a basic conversation in German after 3 years of uni. Not to mention it would be my worst nightmare to work in the field I was supposed to specialize in. So yeah, chin up. ^__^
    By getting a stupid, entry level in the press, I re-discovered my love for writing, so I kinda got a slight idea of what I want to do. What I wanna say is don’t give up. You can always discover something that you enjoy doing. Good luck with that.
    And nice blog, btw. ^^


    • iamganymede · August 18, 2015

      Hey thanks Ruki! Such kind words. It’s inspiring to hear you’re finding your mojo in an area you weren’t trained in. It’s really reassuring. And in my eyes, working for the press isn’t stupid. It sounds like a really interesting job (although I am talking out of an inexperienced butt here).

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. It means a lot.

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